Emy Kyiet

This is an image Emy was born in Transylvania and spent her youth in Jerusalem. Her art teacher at the reputable High School by the Hebrew University spotted her talent and recommended that she study concurrently at the famous Jerusalem "Betzalel" School of Art. For 3 years she attended courses for young students. Later, she studied English Literature and Linguistics at "Bar Ilan" university, received a B.A. degree and a teachers' diploma. Emy taught English both in London and Israel for 25 years. Her passion for art was always ardent. She continued her art studies in London and exhibited paintings, enamel and batik works at the "White Horse Hotel" in Romsey, Hampshire. Emy lives in Israel and has been painting in oils for over 20 years at a studio in Ein Hod, a well known artists village. She has also attended workshops in Italy and France.


This is an image An exhibition of 65 selected works was held in June 2011 at the Concert and Cultural Centre at the Haifa Auditorium. A further exhibition is planned for spring 2012. Travelling the world extensively with Alan, her supportive husband, the curiosity for authentic cultures and watching her family grow, combine to inspire her work and subject matter. Her styles and techniques of work are free, fluid and varied. The use of colour portrays her philosophy of life. Emy employs vivid and bright colours and her paintings express joy of life, hope and optimism.